The QTAC Xpedite and Razor series of shotgun side saddle holders. QTACs are robust, functional and badass! QuadraTactical products are built by hand in the U.S.A. 

 Our QTAC-Xpedite Series feature a proprietary SHOKGUN® Core for mitigating recoil on the side saddle for greater shell retention! This prevents ammunition dump during dynamic situations. 

 Each carrier comes with Industrial Strength VELCRO® Loop! Buy single or multiples. FREE shipping in the U.S.A. 

Buy more than one and get discounts to really charge up the load-out. 

Introducing our new RAZOR series

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QTAC-2Xpedite holds 2 shot shells and comes with 2x2 inch VELCRO® 

QTAC-3Xpedite holds 3 shot shells and comes with 3x2 inch VELCRO® adhesive loop 

QTAC-6Xpedite Holds 6 shot shells and comes with 6x2 inch VELCRO® adhesive loop. 

QTAC-7Xpedite holds 7 shot shells and comes with 7x2 inch VELCRO® adhesive loop.

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