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Our family hand builds apex firearm accessories in the state of Oregon.

We innovate our products to be easy and simple to use. Our products are strong, robust, and will give many years of service. The products are designed for great functionality.  

We have been hand building products for over a decade.

Our credence is only the best for the best.

We stand behind our goods 100%.

We generally ship same day or 24 hrs. We will notify if longer is needed, especially bulk orders.

We have 30 day returns for any reason.*

Have questions? Please reach out to us.

We use Shopify for your purchasing experience. We accept all major credit and debit cards through the Shopify network.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance. We do not require you to have an account or subscription. We do not retain your credit or debit card information. 

We use secure socket and have a valid certificate. Google Chrome is the preferred web browser for your shopping experience.

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We use the Google blogger web platform because it is secure, cost effective and ease of use. 

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