Review and Application of QTAC-6 and QTAC-7 from Superior Security Concepts - Atlanta Georgia


Review of QTWRS from Instinct Survivalist

Bryant from Chicago

Hey Drew hope your doing well. Finally finished my 870 build and your side saddle was the perfect compliment. As promised here are before and after pics! Thanks again! By the way I think you have a great product on your hands. Works great !

Superior Security Concepts from Instagram

Showing special build of the QTAC-7 and the QTAC-2

Review from kimberlyinlove

I purchased the QTAC-6 shotgun card for a Winchester Defender Pump Shotgun that holds 7 shot-shells in the tube. I bought this to add additional shot-shells to this platform. The product shipped really fast. 2 days before the expectation. On inspection, it looks to be handmade. As on my review for the QTAC-3 card, it may not be tacticool, but is practical and functional. It is very light but the materials are of high quality, especially the loop is thick polyester and sewn on the mark. It has a soft core and cusps the shot-shells very nicely. It is flexible. The Velcro is extremely strong and the card adheres very well. Advice about applying the Velcro loop. Be sure to take your time applying the Velcro and measure it out for any screws or pins as when you apply it will adhere immediately and is extremely strong! I did cut mine to have a Vector look. Awesomeness! The performance of the product is mind blowing. I needed to be able to carry additional cards on my person as well as stashed discrete areas of my choosing in home, business and vehicle. It works great with my tactical vest on the loop portions and fits perfectly in my AR pouches. Shell retention is excellent when firing my shotgun. This is of utmost importance! Function of the product is impeccable. But note when finished using the shot-shells out of the holder and you want to replace a new card while in action, be sure to slap the card on and press and move the card back and forth on the loop to lock in the hook and loop so that the card has maximum retention for the recoil of a 12 gauge. I learned this technique from one of their videos demonstrating the product.


Well made shell holder

After looking at a few different sidesaddle shotgun shell holders online, I chose this one because it seemed to be well made with longer elastic loops to hold the shells more securely. It's a rugged, basic piece of gear that holds the shells right where I want them. I did trim the velcro so it adhered only to the flat surface of the receiver. Given the current situation I haven't fired it yet with the carrier in place but I expect it will hold up well.


Mediocre Quality

Product shipped very quickly! However the finished look is mediocre at best. The Velcro is very good quality and the sizing of the loops that hold the shells is on the mark. Overall I would say the product will work fine but if you have a high end taste for quality looking products I would continue looking. I did like that it was made in the USA and the was the main reason for my purchase.

Response to jimclou-0

Thank you for your purchase and you highly valuable input. Yes, the product is hand built and not mass produced. We have taken your review and looked over and made a vast improvement to the build by adding a better visual appearance to the product. We have enhanced it by plastic welding and over wrapping the VELCRO® Hook on the ends instead of using polymer bonding. This gives a better visual appearance and upgrades the quality of strength to the carrier!


Review by Amazon purchaser.

Excellent Shot Shell Carrier!

Unlike many shell carriers, this attaches using (industrial strength) Velcro that does not require replacing factory pins with screws through the trigger assembly, which is known to be a cause of malfunctions. Using Velcro completely bypasses that issue since it doesn't replace the pins, while giving the additional advantage that multiple loaded shell carriers can be attached to a vest and swapped out easily. So instead of burdening the operator with constantly reloading the chamber, magazine tube, and shell carrier, most work can focus on just the chamber and magazine tube. Also, the shells are held in place by tight elastic, not the split-open hard-plastic slots that tend to drop shells when moving around. This shell carrier is similar to other Velcro based ones, with the exception that it carries 7 shells instead of a max of 6, and also instead of being floppy nylon, the nylon base is attached to stiff rubber that doesn't flop around. Tip: Before adhering the sticky Velcro base to the side of the shotgun, remember to make cut-outs to the Velcro that allow you to access the trigger.

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