How To: Instructional Applications

How to apply the QTAC-6 and QTAC-2 Carrier Card.

Cut loop to match receiver and adapt to screws and pins

Create custom Loop Vectors 

1.  Inspect the place to where the Adhesive VELCRO® Loop fastener to be attached.  Be sure it is clean, free of any grease or oil and dry.  Match the VELCRO®  Loop to where it is to be attached i.e. the side of the receiver of a shotgun.  (Extra VELCRO® Loop can be attached to many different surfaces such as vehicle interiors, clothing and even in discreet areas within the household, anywhere accessibility is needed when deploying your shotgun. An extra Ammunition Carrier can be slapped to your receiver.) Be sure to trim or cut any access points on your shotgun such as pins or screws so the VELCRO® Loop does not cover over them for future cleaning and maintenance.  (see last picture above as example)

2.  Peel the Adhesion tape off the back of the VELCRO® Loop and place down matching any pre-cut holes for screws and pins e.g.(pictured above). Begin to press out evenly making sure the adhesive makes good contact with the surface.  Allow a full 24 hours to cure before use.

3.  When fully cured take the ammunition carrier and put it on the VELCRO® Loop and push then pull it a few times.  This will activate the loop by bringing it up and giving greater retention capabilities.

4.  Remember to inspect the loop for wear and replace when necessary.

5.  Check the VELCRO® hook side on the carrier for debris.  Clean with a nylon bush/toothbrush to remove dirt and sand if necessary to keep retention performance.
QTAC-M Instructions: