QTAC-6 Razor
QTAC-Razor Series: QuadraTactical Ammunition Carrier Razor is hand built in the U.S.A. 

Constructed of industrial heavy duty materials. Will last for years of use.

QTAC-Razor series Shotgun Side Saddle Carrier Holds 6 shells. 

The specialized loop will retain 12 gauge, 16 gauge or 20 gauge. 

Built for pump, lever, bolt and semi auto action shotguns. Side receiver Industrial Strength VELCRO® loop mounting of shot shells for easy speed loading, a major force multiplier for the shotgun operator keeping multiple shot shells close to the workspace for either port loading or magazine loading. 

The grip and rip ability makes it easy to add additional carriers in close proximity on belts, vests, home and vehicle etc. 

Maximum retention design with shot shell push-or-pull extraction for multiple units carry with rip and grip functionality as a superior force multiplier. 

2 carriers back to back loaded with shot shells will fit in standard 30 cal pouches (AR/AK mag pouches). 

Incorporating genuine Industrial Strength VELCRO®. Appropriate sized Industrial Strength Adhesive VELCRO® Loop included. No hardware necessary - NO DAMAGING SCREWS or PLATES!

QTAC-6 RAZOR is built to be a slim low profile shotgun side saddle giving the shotgun operator the "EDGE" of defense when it comes to the venerable shotgun. The design incorporates our proprietary polymer core giving the side saddle a semi rigid, but flexible base heat bonded into the carrier. Free shipping in the U.S. Comes with 5.5x2 inch Industrial Strength VELCRO® loop.

UPC 066993684179
QTAC-6 Razor comes with 5.5 inch x 2 inch Industrial Strength Adhesive Loop.
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